Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you sell certified diamonds?

Yes! We are DCA certified and deliver the highest quality jewelry.


What warranties do you offer?

We offer lifetime batteries for our pieces.


Do you buy jewelry?

No. Currently, we do not buy jewelry from customers.


What is the difference between carat and karat?

A carat is a unit of weight used to measure the size of a gemstone. A karat is a measurement indicating the proportion of gold in an alloy out of 24 parts.


Do you clean jewelry?

Yes! We clean all types of jewelry.


How long does it take for repairs?

It depends on the jewelry. Typically repairs take 3-4 days. If needed sooner, we have a rush order process with a separate fee.


Do you offer jewelry appraisals?

Yes, we do! Bring your jewelry in and let us inspect.


How long does it take for a jewelry order?

It depends on the piece. But, our timeframe ranges from 1 week – 6 weeks.


Do you have a storefront?

Yes, we do. We are located 201 W Belt Line Rd #C400, Cedar Hill, TX 75104


Sizing & Fitting

How do I get my partner’s ring size discreetly?

A simple and easy way to get your partner’s ring size is by using a bread tie or wrap a piece of paper around your partner’s finger either while sleeping or by distraction. Another way is by finding a ring your partner already has.


Do you offer ring sizing?

Yes, we do! Ring sizing is very important.


Custom Design

Do you make custom jewelry?

Yes! If you want it, we can create it.


How long does it take for custom orders to be created?

Time depends on the piece. Typically, custom orders take between 4-6 weeks.


Can I make revisions to my custom design?

Yes, you can make revisions. We can discuss the details of the revisions to get your desired design.